New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

Award Winners 2016


Owen A. O’Connor M.D., Ph.D.:
In recognition of his world-renown contributions, to medical research, leadership, and dedicated service to society.


Yann LeCun, Ph.D.:
Lifetime technical achievements in the field of image and speech recognition and advent of Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs).
Salvatore Salamone, Ph.D.:
Luminary discoveries and contributions in the fields of oncology research, therapeutic diagnostics, health care and medical device services.
Howard Fidel: M.B.A.:
Research developments culminating in numerous biomedical device patents and revolutionizing medical ultrasound industry.
Donald Landry, M.D., Ph.D.:
Recognition as a world-renowned chemist with multiple patented technologies traversing field of medicine from cardiovascular biology to cancer research and treatments.


Boris Volodin, Ph.D.:
Invention enabling solid-state laser illuminators for digital cinema enhancing brightness of colors and 3D effects.
Ralph Arcurio:
Polymer developments enabling patent of adhesion promoters necessary in packaging of materials and inks.
Fernando Muzzio, Ph.D.:
Lynch pin inventions for advanced products and processes for pharmaceutical, Chemical and petrochemical industries.
Rodney Rothstein, Ph.D.:
Pioneer research and patents to recombinational editing of genomes to identify genome stability.


Puneet Sharma, Ph.D.:
Patented research on model of heart and aorta demonstrating patient specific parameters for clinical decisions.
Annmarie Sabb, Ph.D.:
Patented research and leadership of multidisciplinary teams in the areas of Alzheimer's Disease, neuropathic pain therapeutics and brain disorders.
Atam Dhawan, Ph.D.:
Patented research related to methods and apparatus for protecting Multi-Level Security Systems (MLS) without compromising user needs and sensitive data.
Manfred Bitter, Ph.D.:
Innovative research in the fields of EUV (extreme ultra-violet) lithography critical for the manufacturing of next generation integrated circuits.
Charles Gentile:
Groundbreaking innovations in the field of nuclear materials research solving worldwide shortage of a radioactive element Technetium-99m (Tc-99m) used in variety of healthcare and medical diagnostic applications.
Paola Leone, Ph.D.:
Innovative research developing a delivery system for gene therapy and degenerative neurologic conditions.
Rummana Aslam, M.D.:
Innovative and patent pending research related to compositions and methods for treating chronic wounds.
David Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D. & Sujatha Iyengar, Ph.D.:
Innovative research related to the use of Telmisartan, a novel treatment for numerous inflammatory and cancerous conditions.
Hongjun Wang, Ph.D.:
Innovative / patented research of advanced materials and methods for tissue regeneration related to dental and synthetic tissue applications.
Narayan Ganesan, Ph.D. & Sujatha Koduvayur Parthasarthy, Ph.D.:
Innovative research related to methods of efficiently assessing viability of potential drugs targets / diagnostics utilizing Sobol sensitivity index.


Mukundan Iyengar, Ph.D.:
Innovative Stevens faculty successfully advancing numerous undergraduate student team inventions / innovations to commercialization.
Edison Innovation Foundation:
John P. Keegan, President- Recognition of Foundation’s continuous support and implementation of programs boosting STEM education.
Thomas Edison Historical Park:
Storied lab of Thomas Edison that continues to inspire and educate visitors of all ages about the invention process.
SITE/Student Inventions through Ed. EIRC/Ed. Info. & Resource Center:
Mary Moyer - Recognition for EIRC and SITE's contributions to fostering innovation programs in New Jersey K-12 education curriculums.
The Enterprise Development Center (EDC) An NJIT Organization:
Jerry Creighton, Executive Director The Enterprise Development Center (EDC), an NJIT Organization, for its successful launch of 90 innovative high-tech businesses/companies spanning multiple industries in the state of New Jersey.


Constance Maglaras:
Research related to 3D Printed Trans-modular Scaffold for Bone Regeneration.
Rebecca Chung:
Research related to Dual Modulus Scaffold Designs for Segmental Bone Replacement.
Jennifer Therkorn:
Research and patented work relating to the field of bioaerosol sampling of airborne biological particles.
Eman Mahmoodi, Ph.D.:
Patented research entitled Cognitive Cloud Off loader: Real time Method for Joint Scheduling-Offloading Computations in Multi-RAT enabled Mobile Devices.
Eric Boon:
Patented research related to Wearable Graphene Sensors.
Meng Xu:
Spearheading research efforts to use biomimetic nanofibers for generation of TESGs (Tissue-Engineered Skin Grafts).
Jin Zou:
Research related to development on in-vitro 3D breast tumor model in microfluidic systems.
Yuan Gu, Ph.D.:
Patent entitled, “Environmentally Friendly Inkjet-Printable Lithium Battery Cathode Formulations, Methods and Devices. “
Naga A. Musunuri:
Research / commercial efforts related to developing new inexpensive and scalable spectroscopy methods for detection of adverse particles in a multitude of environments.


Ralph W. Selitto Jr.:
In recognition of his distinguished contributions, dedication, service, support and leadership.