New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame


Board of Trustees Attributes

To improve the effectiveness of the NJIHoF Board of Trustees, the consensus of the board is to increase the number of members by adding people with abilities that complement the talents and capabilities of the present board. Following, in random order, is a list of attributes* desired for newBoard of Trustees members:

  • Enthusiasm for the objectives of NJIHoF, e.g., to recognize New Jersey’s great inventors and innovators*

  • Time and energy to devote to board business*

  • Technical knowledge in a field recognized by NJIHoF

  • Social or business connections with leaders in industry, academia or NJ State politics

  • Experience in fund raising for NFP organizations

  • Familiarity with the patent process

  • Graduate degree in law, medicine, technology, one or more fields of science, and engineering

  • Familiarity with database management or website design and layout

  • Experience in advertising, public or media relations

  • Experience in organizing special events

  • Active membership in professional or technical organizations

  • Board of Trustees members are expected to join in evaluating nominations for annual awards

*These three attributes are necessary, along with one or more of the others listed.