New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

Nomination Categories and Requirements

Graduate Student Awards

Graduate Student Awards are given to a maximum of six recipients per year.  Current graduate students or graduate students of the previous year are eligible for recognition.  Those considered for an award must show evidence of participation in the invention process.  Although a patent is not required, thesis work must show significant research which is amenable to a patent application. 

Special Award

A recipient of this award must have been awarded a USPTO patent, either expired or unexpired.  The invention must be and/or was commercialized, and/or licensed. A highly commercialized invention which has a widespread cultural impact and enduring popularity is required.   Awards are given to up to three living or deceased inventor entrepreneurs.

Advancement of Invention Award

One or more awards may be given annually to an entity that has one or more of the following attributes:  exhibits a sterling record of sustained encouragement of invention and innovation in New Jersey; serves as a model to encourage careers linked with or dependent upon invention and innovation; and/or promotes technological development reliant upon the invention process.

Innovator Award

To receive an Innovators Award, the nominee must have made a significant technological/scientific achievement.  This would include a conceptual idea, theory, mathematical formula or the like.  Although a patent is not required, the innovative content must be distinctly unique.  A maximum of six awards are granted annually to living or deceased innovators.

Inventor of the Year

A maximum of six awards are granted annually. An individual worthy of this award must be living and have an USPTO patent for an invention that has been successfully commercialized and/or licensed. A full copy of the pertinent U.S. patent for which any nominee is considered undergoes screening during the award selection process.

Corporate Award

Companies large or small worthy of this award have created and successfully commercialized products of great significance and enduring impact to the lives of humans worldwide.  Recipients considered for this award usually have well over 100 U.S. patents. One or two may be determined annually.

Inventors Hall of Fame Inductee

Each recipient of this very prestigious award is inducted into the N.J. Inventors Hall of Fame for lifetime achievements with multiple U.S. patented inventions over many years which showed widespread strong commercialization and/or licensing.  Each award winner is considered to be a living or deceased "recognized luminary".  A maximum of six awards may be given annually, two of which may be designated as a Pioneer, and a maximum of three per year may be Nobel Laureate inductees.

Trustees Award

The NJIHoF Trustees Award is given to someone who truly values and stimulates the inventive and innovative processes, who strives to ensure that all Americans, including students, are inspired and prepared to meet many of the challenges of tomorrow, and whose actions over many years have demonstrated that commitment.