New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2004 Award Winners

Hall of Fame

Dr. Corrado Dragone
Providing the commercial economies for fiber optic communications.

Mr. James M. Early
Seminal work in the early design of transistors and other semiconductor devices, including satellites.

Mr. Samuel Leeds Allen
Invention excellence over a broad range of agricultural innovations, and the beloved Flexible Flyer Sled.

Mr. Walter J. Krupick
Foundation work in the development and implementation of 2 axis gyroscopes.

Col. Willian Blair
Pioneer in early radar technology.

Dr. Meredith C. Gourdine
Pioneering contributions in the field of electrogasdynamics

Inventors of the Year Award

Mr. Robert H. Morris
Advancements infume hooddesign resulting in improved worker safety and protection of the environment.

Dr. Igor Palley
Advancements in the safety of law enforcement and military protective clothing.

Special Award

Dr. Phillip J. Petillo
Independent inventions across a very diverse scope of technologies.

Dr. Majid Abou-Gharbia
Fundamental inventor and researcher contributing to advances in immunosuppressant drugs.