New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2005 Award Winners

Hall of Fame

William Trager
The first continuous cultivation of the human malaria parasite for medical research

Howard J. Ellison
The development of high-yield, disease-resistant asparagus plants

Clarence D. Chang, Anthony J. Silvestri, William H. Lang
Pioneering work in catalytic processes, specifically the conversion of methanol to gasoline

Gerard A. Alphonse
Prolific work in diverse cutting edge technologies including superconductivity, acoustic emissions and electro-optics

Innovators Award

Lillian M. Gilbreth
Pioneer in industrial management and ergonomic techniques.

Albert I. Schatz
Seminal researcher and co-inventor of Streptomycin

Michael L. Recce
Smart Gun technology for improved hand gun safety

Inventor of the Year

David M. Goldenberg
Pioneer in monoclonal antibodies for detection and treatment of disease

Jack R. Harford
Electric power line transient suppression technology

Harry T. Roman
The development of robots for hazardous environmentsapplication

Graduate Student Awards

Yuanqiu Luo
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation and Service Differentiation Over Passive Optical Networks

Shuangquan Wang
Multiple-input, Multiple-output, Intersymbol Interference Channel Estimator