New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2006 Award Winners

Hall of Fame

Daryl M. Chapin (1906-1995), Calvin S. Fuller (1902-1994), and Gerald L. Pearson (1905-1987)
Development of the semiconductor photovoltaic solar cell Martin P. Lepselter Seminal work on beam-lead devices and integrated circuits leading to the development of silicide devices and EMS

Henry Orenstein
Prolific invention of toys having enormous commercial significance, while bringing joy to millions of children

Dennis Ritchie and Kenneth Thompson
Development of the UNIX operating system, an open system architecture of increasing utility

Innovators Award

Lyman Spitzer, Jr. (1914 - 1997)
Distinguished achievements in stellar dynamics, plasma physics, thermonuclear fusion and space astronomy

Frank B. Gilbreth (1868 - 1924)
Pioneered the field of scientificworkforce management, positively affecting engineering, education and personnel procedures.

John von Neumann (1903 - 1957)
Established the mathematical architecture of computer logic and concept of internally stored programs

Inventor of the Year

Claude E. Gagna
Method for immobilizing multi-stranded nucleic acid molecules and binding each strand to a solid support

Yeheskel Bar-Ness
A system and method to enhance wireless/mobile communication technology that facilitates the ubiquitous use of cell phones

Graduate Student Awards

Sudhakar Shet
A method of using magnetic fields to assemble nanoscale semiconductors on a substrate

Dimitrios Zarkadas
Development of a technology for polymeric, hollow, fine-fiber heat exchangers