New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2012 Award Winners

Trustees Award

Dr. Stephen Chu
Life-time achievements including a Noble Prize in 1997 in Physics for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with laser light, while he was employed at Bell-Labs as well as his current work encouraging research in renewable energy as the United States Secretary of Energy.

Nobel Laureate Inductees

Dr. Clinton Davisson
1937 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics for the Discovery of Electron Diffraction

Dr. Irving Langmuir
1932 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry for Scientific Discoveries in Surface Chemistry

Inductees into the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame Award

Endre A. Balazs
Eye and Orthopedic Research and Groundbreaking Discoveries in Utilizing Hyaluron for Therapeutic Purposes

Dr. Shu-Tung Li
Collagen Based Medical Implants for the Repair and Regeneration of Soft Tissue and Bones

Dr. Elwin Orton 
Horticulture Breakthroughs and Saving the U.S. Dogwood Industry

Dr. William K. Hagmann
Medicinal Chemistry, Groundbreaking Compound / Inhibitor Development and Drug Designs Including Novel Treatments for Obesity

Inventor of the Year Award

Dr. Nirwan Ansari 
A Wide Range of Broadband Networks, Multimedia and Communications Technologies

Dr. Sergei Kotenko 
The Identification, Characterization and Clinical Appliances of Novel Interferons (Ifns) – US Patent #7,820,793

Dr. Paula Tallal
Methods/Devices and Treatment for Individuals (Children) With Severe Language and Reading Difficulties – US Patent #5,813,862

Bruce McNair
Groundbreaking Modem Development and Next Generation Wireless Data Communications Systems.

Innovators Award

Dr. Rajarathnam Chandramouli & Dr. K.P. Subbalakshmi
Detection and Analysis of Deception in Text, (English & Mulit-Lingual) Including Gender Identification and Other Malicious Media

Dr. Yingying Chen & Dr. Marco Gruteser & Dr. Richard P. Martin
Driver phone use detection system which addresses the problem of distinguishing between a driver and a passenger using a mobile phone.

Innovators Award

Dr. Ricky John
Energy Conservation and Management by Automation

Dr. Louis J. Lanzerotti
Impact of solar-terrestrial processes on technologies

Advancement of Invention Award

Dr. Hsuan Lillian Labowsky
Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists through Innovative Teaching.

Corporate Award

Becton Dickinson
For the development, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, instrument systems and reagents.

Special Award

Ken Zorovich & Yos Kumthampinij & John C. Earle
Method and Apparatus for Making Frozen Comestibles US Patent #8,057,207

Graduate Student Award

Xiaoling Fu
The Critical Role of Biomimetic Nanofibers in Skin Cell Function and Wound Repair.

Linh Le
Using an Inkjet Printer to Form and Meticulously Place Grapheme Oxide Droplets With A Volume Of 10 Picoliters.

Seyed Babak Mahjour
Incorporating Hair-Forming Cells into Established Nanofiber-Enabled Cell Assembly.

Ishan Wathuthanthri
Tunable Two-Mirror Interference Lithography System.

Jie Yang
Detecting driver phone use to mitigate the problem of distracted driving caused by mobile phones.

Yan Zhang
Hierarchical Energy Optimization Algorithm for Data Center Networks.

Outstanding Contributions Award

Harry Roman
Your Untiring Dedication, Contributions, Service, Leadership, and Guidance of the Organization