New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2015 Award Winners


Trustees Award

Greg Olsen, Ph.D.
In recognition of an illustrious career as a research scientist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and speaker advancing science and engineering education.

Inductees into the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame

Nikola Tesla, Ph.D. (hon)
Pioneering research and patented inventions transforming electrical engineering principles including alternating current (AC) and the radio.

Krishan K. Sabnani, Ph.D.
Lifetime achievements and contributions in global communication networks.

Vladimir S. Ban, Ph.D.
Lifetime achievements in semi-conductor and optical network technologies. 

John R. Pierce, Ph.D.        
Pioneering work in information theory and global and satellite communications.

Rajiv V. Joshi, D.E.Sc.
Patented work in the development of integrated circuits (IC), memory and predictive analytics.

Jack Craft
Lifetime achievements in TV and radio integrated circuit designs

Inventor of the Year Award

William T. Murphy
Patented work related to performance monitoring for leased transmission facilities and disaster recovery.

Raziq Yaqub, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Patented work and technical developments in wireless communications.
Athula Attygalle, Ph.D.

Patented work in mass spectrometric ion generation utilizing Helium plasma ionization.    

Richard E. Riman, Ph.D.
Distinguished patented work related to systems and methods for carbon capture and sequestration utilizing novel concrete products.

Moon Hae Sunwoo, Ph.D.
Highly valued breakthrough patent related to bone paste materials.  

Innovators Award

Jeffrey S. Abrams, M.D.
Innovation and commercial success of patented technology related to arthroscopic shoulder surgery and suture techniques.
T.V. Lakshman, Ph.D.

Fundamental innovations in architecture of Internet Protocol (IP) routers and networks.
Somenath Mitra, Ph.D.

Innovative work related to real-time environmental monitoring and use of nanotechnology in energy applications and water treatment.

Andrew W. Stamford, Ph.D.
Renowned drug discovery research and innovations ranging from program inception to clinical development of drugs across multiple therapeutic areas.

David M. Tschaen, Ph.D.
Innovative research spanning breakthrough drug developments, pharmaceutical process development and manufacturing programs.

Corporate Award

Honeywell International Inc.
For inventing and manufacturing technologies in energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security and customer productivity, with an unrelenting focus on engineering excellence.

Advancement of Invention Award

Joshua Weston
Philanthropic support and achievements in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.

Beth McGrath, Mercedes McKay & Jason Sayres

Innovative WaterBotics curriculum development in support of a National Science Foundation program for STEM education.
Leslie Brunell, P.E., Ph.D
Faculty leadership in advancing undergraduate education/programs and the invention process in Civil Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology.  

Special Award

Ronnie Z. Bochner, M.D.
Innovative portable medical examination device used in obstetric/gynecological examinations.     

Graduate Student Award

Hui Chen
Patented research related to microstructured sapphire fiber sensors.    

Yexin Gu
Patented research creating a microfluidic 3D osteocyte network reconstructed with microbed scaffolding for in vitro studies.
Tao Han

Patented research related to optimizing cell size to save energy in cellular networks with hybrid energy supplies.