New Jersey Inventors
Hall Of Fame

2010 Award Winners

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Trustees Award

Dr. Ralph Izzo
Energy-Efficient Programs and Tackling the Challenges of Climate Control

NJ Hall of Fame Inductees

Dr. Michael Tompsett - Pioneer Status
Multiple Patents - Designed and Alone Holds the First Patent for aCharge Coupled Device (CCD) Image Sensor; Led Development of CCD Television Imagers & Color Cameras

Dr. Andrew Chraplyvy, Dr. Robert Tkach, Dr. Kenneth Walker
Optical Fiber for Wavelength Division Multiplexing-US Patent #5,327,516

Inventors of the Year Award

Dr. Nicolas Girard
Multi-Access Terminal with Capability for Simultaneous Connectivity to Multiple Communication Channels-US Patent #7,539,175

Dr. Bijan Harichian
Personal Care Compositions with Glycerin and Hydroxypropyl Quartenary Ammonium Salts - US Patent #7,282,471

Richard Caizza
Single-Handedly Actuatable Safety Shield for Needles - US Patent #5,348,544

Innovators Award

Dr. Yun-Qing Shi
Digital Forensics and Security - Data Hiding, Steganalysis, and Forensics

Dr. Leonard Cimini
High-Speed Wireless Communications

Dr. Linda Brzustowicz
Compositions and Methods for Diagnosing Autism

Advancement of Invention Award

Dr. Vikki Hazelwood
Pioneering Process for Translational Research in Medicine

Special Award

Dr. Timothy Chang
Distinguished Accomplishments and Patents in the Areas of Ultra High Precision Systems, Genetic Systems, Robotics, and Motion Control

Graduate Student Award

Ms. Jingjing Zhang
Configuration of Passive Optical Networks Including Cascaded Array Waveguide Gratings

Dr. Xiaoling Chen
Psycho-Linguistic Statistical Deception from Text Content

Dr. Asli Ergun
Integrated Cage/Core Devices as Bone Graft Subtitutes and Methods for the Fabrication of such Cage/Core Devices