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Hall Of Fame

2011 Award Winners

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Trustees Award

Dr. Jeong Kim
President and Chief Executive Officer of Bell Laboratories for optical communications achievements and for leadership in drastically reducing the amount of energy needed to communicate an intelligible signal

Hall of Fame Inductees

Arthur A. Gertzman
Novel Formulations of Synthetic Bone Graft Materials, Malleable Paste for Filling Bone Defects

Dr. Lynn Schneemeyer-Pioneer Status
Discovery and Development of Novel Crystalline Materials for Optical Communications Applications

Dr. John Sierkierka
Research and Development for Anti-Inflammatory Drug and Delivery Device

Nobel Laureate Inductees

Charles Pedersen
1987 Noble Prize Laureate in Chemistry for Discovery of Crown Ethers

Dr. Arno Penzias
1978 Noble Prize Laureate in Physics for Discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Dr. Robert Wilson
1978 Noble Prize Laureate in Physics for Discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

Inventors of the Year Award

Dr. Dorin Comaniciu
Robust Methods in Computer Vision and Medical Imaging Analytics -US Patent #7,072,494

Dr. Pal Maliga
Genetics and Molecular Biology-Method for stably Transforming Plastids of Multicellular Plants- US Patent #7,282,471

Dr. Daniel Murnick
Analytical Methods and Apparatus(in Detection of Carbon 14)- US Patent #7,616,305

Gianluca Paladini
A memory Efficient Shear-Warp Voxel Projection Algorithm-US Patent #6,570,952

Dr. David Seifer
Mullerian Inhibiting Substance Levels and Ovarian Response-US Patent #72,415,777

Dr. Navnit Shah
Multiple Inventions and Innovations Enhancing the Science of Drug Delivery

Innovators Award

Dr. Thomas Nosker
Use of Recycled Plastics for Structural Building Forms

Dr. Gordon Thomas
Optics, Electronics, New Materials and Complex Recognition Spectroscopy

Advancement of Invention Award

Dr. Rainer Martini
Physics/Engineering Physics and Science Integration

Graduate Student Award

Milan Begliarbekov
High Frequency RLC Circuit in Graphene Nanoribbon Quantum Dots

Komlan Egoh
Multi-Criteria Optimization for Relaying in Muti-hop Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Andrew Ihnen
Inkjet Printing and Patterning of Explosive Materials

Eric Stroud
Necromes for the Control of Invasive Sea Lamprey and for Reduction of Unwanted Shark Catch in Commercial Fisheries

Outstanding Contribution Award

Pres. of NJIHoF, Gertrude M. Clarke, Ph.D.
Your Untiring Dedication, Contributions, Service, Leadership, and Guidance of the Organization.